Profile of the coalition umwana ku isonga


The Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga/child in forefront”(CUI) is a Rwandan Civil society organization governed by the Rwandan law. CUI is registered under no 219/RGB/NGO/LP/04/2018.  It has been created with the  purposes of networking and alliance building with a mandate to assess and  report on the implementation of the United Nations Child Rights Convention (CRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC) on the one hand, and to coordinate all activities carried out by individual member organizations within the parameters of advocacy, implementing and reporting on mentioned treaty bodies on the other hand.

The Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga” started in  November 2010 composed by both national and international organizations operating in the area of child rights. After its hosting in HAGURUKA Association(2010-2013),  the CUI has been hosted in CLADHO(2014-2017)  with a commitment to accompany its registration the process in RGB.  During the process of registration the international organizations were kept aside for administration requirements but still working with  the Coalition (as stakeholders/honorary members). The 14 national organizations got the temporally registration of the Coalition on 30th  December 2016 and the  final registration with  RGB compliance certificate no 219/RGB/NGO/LP/04/2018 issued on 6th April 2018. Currently  CUI works independently in its office of the Coalition  situated at  Remera, Rukiri Cell, RUBIS House  1st  Floor, Opposite of RBC office,  on side of  Remera-Kimironko Road. In  the general Assembly of 31st  May 2018,  CUI has  accepted other 5 members and now CUI is composed by 19 members working in area of child  right  protection in Rwanda.

The Coalition expects to  get all the children, male and female, living in full enjoyment of their rights and fulfill all their duties without any hindrance, and exempted from any form of discrimination.

 The coalition’s mission is to coordinate and increase capacity among member organizations to defend and protect the rights of the child.

  Objectives Coordinate the efforts of member organizations in capacity building, experience sharing, reporting, and evidence based advocacy in the defense and protection of child rights. Promote the principle of equality of rights and duties between the children of both sexes;  
Provide a framework for discussions on the rights of the child and to promote cooperation in the fight against violence against children;
To assess the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and welfare of the child and carry out advocacy in favor of that implementation.

Currently, the Coalition Umwana ku Isonga has  a partnership agreement with  Plan International to continue the implementation of activities of the Right to Protection and Participation  (RPP) project  as independent organization working with its own administrative and  financial procedures.

The main achievements of the Child Rights Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga”  with its main partners  Plan international are the following and SCI:

Under partnership with  Plan international in Rwanda

  1. Production and presentation of  Alternative report on ACRWC was timely developed, submitted and presented by a delegation of the Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga” during the committee of expert’s pre- sessions held in Addis Ababa                                                                                                                                                                                      from 04th to 06th of December 2014.
  2. The  UN and AU Committees’ concluding observations on CRC and ACRWC, the first East African Community Child Rights conference (Bujumbura Declaration) was transilated into Kinyarwanda and disseminated
  3. The Alternative report on UPR was Produced and  submitted on 23rd March 2015
  4. The capacity building of the Coalition members on Istanbul CSOs development effectiveness principles was organized
  5. Launch of 116 tall free line – Child Helpline (by Rwanda National Police) in October  2015 as result of continuous advocacy made by the Child Rights Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga” under support of Plan international Rwanda together with other stakeholders           
  6. Accompaniment of the CUI registration process until the Coalition obtain  the RGB registration Certificate on 6 April 2018process
  7. Elaboration of an Advocacy Strategy for the CUI of 2017-2020.  There are 4 keys issues to advocate on  identified as key to  guide the Advocacy work of ehe CUI

 Under Save the Children support funds

  • Capacity building of the staff and members of the Coalition Umwana ku Isonga through several trainings benefited  at national and regional level on child rights Governance, fact based advocacy, etc….
  • Capacity building of CSOs on budgeting for children, investment in children
  • Contribution  by  providing inputs to the draft of human trafficking law
  • Three sessions of Policy analysis training for CSOs  members of the Coalition Umwana  ku Isonga  
  • Production of management documents(internal regulations and procedure manual of the Coalition Umwana ku Isonga

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